MU-2 Winch

This was prepared in response to the question,  "What are the controls on the winch itself and how do they work?"

Here's the winch as shown in the MOPAR Power Wagon Parts List.  The Sliding Clutch is Reference Number 56.  (I'll use "Item" instead of "Reference Number" for the rest of this.)  It has the two lugs that catch and turn the Cable Drum (Item 3).  That type Sliding Clutch is generally known as a "dog" clutch.  Power from the Worm Gear (Item 27) is passed to the Drum Shaft (Item 25) by the Worm Gear Key (Item 32).  The power is passed to the Sliding Clutch by two Clutch Keys (Items 26).  The Sliding Clutch slides back and forth over them.  Grease well!  The Clutch Shifter Fork (Item 11) slides the clutch on the two keys - into the Cable Drum to engage and out to disengage power to the Cable Drum.  The Clutch Shifter Fork pivots on the Clutch Shifter Fork Pivot Pin (Item 6) which holds it on the Shifter Fork Bracket (Item 54).  You lock the Fork in the engaged or disengaged position by lifting the Clutch Shifter Fork Knob and then letting the Clutch Shifter Fork Shaft (Item 18) drop into one of the two holes in the Clutch Shifter Fork Locating Bracket (Item 15). This Bracket mounts on the Rear Base Angle (Item 13).

Also pivoting on the Pivot Pin is the Drag Brake Block w/lining (Item 7).  When the Sliding Clutch is disengaged from the Cable Drum, it will free-spool.  The Drag Brake is moved against the outside rim of the Cable Drum to provide drag and keep you from starting a new hobby - winch wire macramé.  Drag Brake tension is provided by the Drag Brake Spring (Item 10) and is adjusted with two nuts on the Drag Brake Link (Item 8).  The Link goes through the hole in the lug cast onto the Shifter Fork and shown in alignment with the Spring.  The two nuts on the link actually go on the Fork end of the Link and one is a jam nut for the other after the tension is set.  The other end of the Link is held in place by the Drag Brake Link Pin (Item 5).  When I bought my first WDX, the Spring was the only thing missing, but it was there on my W300M

I have found there are many suppliers who do not have the entire Shifter Fork Assembly.  They are not doing us much of a favor if they do not include all the parts I have mentioned.  Very often, the Shifter Fork Bracket (Item 54) has had the "ears" broken off.  Without it, none of the rest of the parts can work.  Sam Winer in Akron, Ohio, has all the parts but they are expensive.  I lost Winer's contact information in a computer crash but there are other suppliers listed in the link on Joe's main page.