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TM 9-2800 shows WC-63 - winch version


Fort Hood, Texas

Wet-WC62.jpg (87728 bytes)

Saturday Morning

When I said, 'Turn right" I meant your military right!"


Dry-WC62.jpg (103348 bytes)

Saturday Afternoon

After first echelon service in field

"Winched truck from stream, drained oil and water from crankcase, disposed of same in environmentally correct manner, refilled crankcase with oil, dried distributor and ignition wires, started truck, and continued mission - Sir!"


Go-WC-62.jpg (62032 bytes)

Sunday Afternoon

A future power wagon enthusiast driving his first time. 

He's got the 6x6 in 4x4 mode.  It's possible to hang one of the rear axles in the air.   

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