Kempner POWER WAGON Museum

General Information

Where is Kempner?

Kempner, Texas, is about 150 miles south of Dallas/Fort Worth, 60 miles north of Austin, 150 miles north of San Antonio, and 200 miles northwest of Houston.  Kempner is  on US 190, 35 miles west of I-35 and 12 miles east of Lampasas.   If you are on I-35, take US 190 west at Mile 293 at Belton, TX.

Many folks avoid Austin and the heavy NAFTA traffic on I-35 by taking US 281 which is west of, and runs parallel to I-35 through the scenic Texas Hill Country and San Antonio.  From Fort Worth, take I-20 about 50 miles west to Exit 386 and head south 116 miles to Lampasas.  Then take US 190 east 12 miles to Kempner. From San Antonio, take US 281 north 120 miles to Lampasas and take US 190 east.

Where is the Museum?

The Museum address is 168 FM 2808.   (FM stands for Farm to Market, a class of Texas highways generally the equivalent of other state highways.  The funding for their construction determines if they are FM's.)  The Museum faces FM 2808 at the southeast corner of the US 190 intersection.  

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What are the hours?

The Museum has no fees and it has no set hours.  That means there is no specific time it will be open.  It also means there no specific time it will be closed.   The Museum adjoins my residence.  I am retired and usually can be found at the Display Building and office.  If you do not find me there, try the door bell at my home next-door. 

If you are passing by, feel free to drop in anytime.  You can call (512) 932-2377 and check to see if I'm here.

If you are traveling, call or send me an e-mail at and I will make every effort to arrange a time that I will be available to show you around.   

We welcome your visit.

What else is there to see in the area?

While you are in the area, you may want to visit the two military museums that are on Fort Hood, 15 miles east of here.   Security procedures are in effect but you will be admitted onto the post if you have the usual papers - driver's license, car registration, and insurance card.  You might have to go through a reasonable search so don't carry weapons or explosives.

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