POWER WAGON - New from My Dodge Dealer
1947 WDX with 17 Actual Miles

If you are nice to all the folks at your favorite DODGE dealership, they will help you find some great trucks.  Here's a 1947 WDX my local Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep dealer was able to get for me directly from Dodge. They located it through their computer that lists the inventories of all the Dodge Dealers in the USA.   When it finally arrived, I used my 2001 Cummins Powered Dodge to haul this absolutely new POWER WAGON 17 miles to my house.  I couldn't wait to get some pictures to share.





 Of course it's a model.  The camera does not lie.

DCDodge.jpg (143236 bytes)

This is the Dodge licensed POWER WAGON Model from First Gear.

These were available exclusively by special order from your local Dodge dealer parts department.   This POWER WAGON Model was planned as a one-time, limited-production run to be produced only if adequate numbers were ordered.  The dealer had to have the orders in by December 28, 2001.  

Now its production run has been completed.  All the Dodge-authorized POWER WAGON Models made by First Gear have been distributed to the Dodge dealers who ordered them. A limited number were produced and Dodge dealers cannot order any more.

This one is sold only through Dodge dealers. It has the correct factory color scheme. Either you have a "genuine" Dodge POWER WAGON model or you don't. You can buy one from a dealer if you can find one who still has some in their Parts Department inventory.  It is still possible that your local Dodge dealer's Parts Department can locate a dealer that has one in their inventory.  Check with the Parts Department of your nearest listed Dodge dealer. Any Dodge dealer can order a Model from any Dodge dealer who has one. The dealer with the Models sets the price. You will probably have to pay shipping and handling.

The other option is to buy one from an individual who bought some with the intention of reselling them to collectors.  I'm sure there are several  Dodge-authorized POWER WAGON Models on e.bay. 

First Gear POWER WAGON Models are in 1:30 scale.  Being a MOPAR authorized model should add to this one's appeal. 

The MOPAR Part Number is A13311126N