Great Texas Power Wagons

We have many fine Power Wagons down here in Texas.    Every military series, and most civilian "flat-fender" and "W" models are represented.  A few are unrestored originals that are complete with everything still working.  Others have been modified with modern engines and running gear.  Most of the rest have been restored to some degree.   Some restorations are nothing more than doing what it takes to get a truck found in a field with a tree growing up through it running again.  Other restorations consist of going over the mechanical and cosmetics enough to have a decent truck for parades, shows, and trips off road.


Then there are a few total restorations. This 1948 B -1- PW is owned by Frank Naugle, a resident of The Woodlands, Texas.  It belonged to Frank's father who operated the Stillwater Garage and used it as a service truck.  Sadly, Frank's father was killed in an accident at the Garage.  The business and the Power Wagon were sold.   Then a few years ago, Frank decided to get the Stillwater Garage Power Wagon and restore it in memory of his father. He did just that and restored the truck using the best workmanship, correct authentic parts, and love.

The excellence of Frank's restoration was recently recognized when Daimler-Chrysler asked Frank to allow them to show his Power Wagon at the Detroit Automobile Show. They arranged its transportation to Detroit and displayed it in the most prominent place in the Dodge truck exhibit.  

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1957 K6 W-100 POWER WAGON

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This nice 1957 W-100 Power Wagon belongs to Benny Williams of Salado, Texas.  This one is particularly unique among Dodge Power Wagons.  This was the first year that Dodge produced a four-wheel-drive version of its conventional two-wheel-drive trucks.  The styling was offered only that year.  While the standard engine was the rugged and dependable "flat-head" in-line six cylinder, Dodge continued to lead the industry by being the first to offer a V-8 option in a four-wheel-drive light truck.  The optional "Power Dome V-8"displaced 341.6 cubic inches and developed 204 horsepower and 290 pound feet of torque.  Also available in the V-8 models only was the three-speed Loadflite automatic transmission - another first.

(Chevrolet produced its first post-war four-wheel-drive light trucks in 1957.  The higher priced new-comer offered only a six cylinder and manual transmission.  Ford joined the market in 1959.)

Benny's W-100 has the six-cylinder, manual transmission, and a cable actuated, transfer case mounted,  rear PTO

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1958    W300M

This 1958 W300M is not great in itself - not yet, at least.  It is included as representative of the many great POWER WAGONS that are available here in Texas.   The story of how I acquired it should encourage the rest of you to be patient and know that one special POWER WAGON is out there waiting for you.    Click on W300M to see this truck and its story.

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