Vehicles procured by the US Army generally fall into two types - Administrative or Tactical.

Manpower and equipment for tactical military units are authorized by the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE). Each vehicle in a TOE unit is specified on a line in the TOE and was referred to by line number. Because few same type units had the exact same mission, the TOE's were customized and were called Modified Tables of Organization and Equipment (MTOE).

Manpower and mission related equipment for garrison and other administrative (non-combat) military units is authorized by a Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA).

Usually there are no vehicles specified for a TDA init. Vehicles needed by TDA units are dispatched to them by a central Administrative Transportation Motor Pool (Admin TMP). The Admin TMP was a function of the post or garrison commander that supported any assigned TOE/MTOE units.

In the past, a TOE/MTOE unit might request a vehicle from the Admin TMP for certain requirements such as carrying VIP's when the available tactical vehicles were not suitable. Many General Officers in TOE units had the use of a sedan from the Admin MP because their authorized tactical vehicles were not comfortable.

The vehicles in the Admin TMP were almost exclusively civilian type vehicles procured from the various manufacturers. As always in the Army, there was a suggested list of vehicles to meet a standard set of requirements. Typical were sedans, station wagons, light pickup trucks, van and stake bodied medium trucks, and busses. These were generally two wheel drive vehicles.

When a unit or agency supported by the Admin TMP had a valid, recurring requirement that could not be met by the usual vehicles, the Admin TMP would go through usual procurement procedures and obtain these unique vehicles. Here's where civilian Power Wagons showed up.

Normally, Admin TMP vehicles were painted gloss OD and were marked with the Army registration number on the doors along with the words, "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY".

It was also common for Admin TMP vehicles to display Army license/registration plates on the same front and rear brackets used to display civilian license/registration plates. The Army plates were the same size and shape as their civilian counterparts. They usually were white with "US ARMY" and the vehicle Army registration number below it all in black letters.

Admin TMP vehicles were not permitted to deploy with TOE/MTOE units, so it would have been unlikely that any ever saw combat.