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The Museum's 1942 WC-52 and 1942 Ben Hur 1-ton trailer

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In background, M-2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and M-1 Abrahms Main Battle Tank


Colorado Rocky Mountain Rendezvous - July 1999  Cinnamon Pass  -  Elevation 12640 Feet

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NOTE:  In this picture, my WC-52 has 6.5" x 16" Power Wagon. / M-37 rims and 38 x 13 x 16 Super Swampers bias ply, tube type tires.  They were replaced with correct combat rims and military non-directional tires.


WC-52 in front of the Kempner POWER WAGON Museum displayed in conjunction with the dedication of the World War II Memorial Dedication, May 29, 2004


Chrysler (Dodge) Drawing dated March 18, 1942 showing some dimensions of the WC-55 Gun Mount version.


Veterans Day, 2009

The Museum's WC52 at the Dedication of the Veterans Memorial at the Sylvia Tucker Memorial Park, City of Kempner, Texas


From the Left - Museum Owner, Paul F. Cook; World War II Veteran, Ben Bohmfalk, and Colonel    , Commanding Officer, 36th Engineer Brigade

The 36th Engineer Brigade provided manpower and equipment for building the City Park where the Veterans Memorial is located.  Their participation is through an Army program to assist local communities while training soldiers in their Military Occupational Specialties.  



WC52 in Korea


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