Getting Started

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1946 Dodge Power Wagon

Model  WDX

Serial Number 83900062

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My son collects 2WD Dodge trucks from the '40s and '50s.  He spotted this old Dodge in a field on a ranch just three miles from home.  We thought he had found a WF that had a 4WD conversion from a specialty manufacturer.  This vehicle had been rebuilt for ranch work using the cab and front body parts from a '41 - '47,  WF-34, 1 1/2 ton two wheel drive truck.  The bed is from a 1 1/2 ton military trailer with the front of the trailer bed shortened to suit the back-of-cab to rear-axle dimension.  The cab floor is flat and unaltered from the two wheel drive.  It lacks clearance for the transmission and transfer case. As a result the cab was mounted high for driveline clearance.  The steering column was left at its original placement with a homemade bracket that left almost no clearance between the steering wheel and the seat.  Still, he had the old truck fever and had to have it.  My son bought it and we towed it home

We found the data plate that had been transferred to the replacement cab.   After we verified the data plate serial number with the serial number stamped in the frame, we knew we had a WDX.  Our '41 - '47 Dodge truck factory service manual covered the WDX.  We dropped the oil pan, cleaned out something like Jell-O, put in new oil, and were rewarded with an easy starting, quiet running engine.  This is how we got started in Power Wagons.

By the way, it was several years before we learned that our WDX, Serial Number 83900062, was the 62d one built and may be one of the oldest ones in existence.   We are hoping to find a correct, early WDX body and bed to restore it.